"If we want to reach real peace in this world, we should start educating Children". -  Mahatma Gandhi ; "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world". -    Nelson Mandela.
How do you kick start a conversation with intellectuals? It is by asking them about their book preferences, although this is not enough, you may not worth a minute of their time if you lack knowledge. You have got to create a good impression first.
Mission: To Read, To Think and Live Consciously.
If there is anything that no one has ever regretted, it is encounter with great books, time that you must have invested into reading good books is never a wasted time, in fact, you have done what is considered by 70% of world population as a difficult task.
To make reading a fulfilled experience, this is the objective of WhatsApp group called VISIONARIES POOL. It is a platform for all book lovers and readers of non-academic books, a nest for people that yearns for personal development and growth. VISIONARIES POOL is an online reading group, a confluence of people that sees the world through books.
You will have the opportunity of learning from other like-minded individuals from all walks of life. There in the group, you will meet new buddies and friends that shares similar taste and vision with you.
Additionally, we are group of readers that aspires to read 200 books from renowned and classic authors before our 25th birthday, the group is for tweenagers and teenagers, but we welcome prospective participants irrespective of age and race. Our collective goal is how we will achieve this feat by rendering help to all members, through motivation. We want all participants to have a library that will serve their children and inspire their generations. By the end of year 2020, your library will become a reference point, and your friends and family will be proud of it.
Season films are part of what makes life worth living, a form of relaxation for many, but talking about books and learning from others in the process will not be a bad idea, especially now that you are still a young adult. We hereby invite intellectuals and those who yearn to learn, to join this online community of readers by searching for VISIONARIES POOL on Facebook @visionariespool, or request to join the group on WhatsApp by filling  with your name, DOB, E-mail id & address in the fom below:
Dear future member, please read the page very carefully. In order to be a member of our group, you need to agree to all the terms mentioned below. At the bottom of this page, you will find the number on which you have to send a WhatsApp message with all details or fill up form below.. Failing to comply with any of the terms mentioned below will result in instant expulsion from the group without any explanation offered. Thanks!

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Content Policies of Visionaries Pool WhatsApp Group:

What we discuss: The group discusses anything related to non-academic books which is worth discussing! While regular discussions go on daily, Visionaries Pool hosts Sunday discussions. Topics for Sunday discussions are decided by us or by the group decision. Any member can raise any question anytime in the group. However, Sundays are reserved for the hosted discussions only.
How we communicate: Our group is meant for literary enthusiasts. Any kind of abuse, derogatory remarks, foul language, offensive slangs and any other thing that is unprofessional are not allowed. A member is expected to keep their language fair.

What we do not share: We don’t allow sharing of images, videos or any other media files in the group. Group invites, website links, forwards, promotional stuff, etc. are also banned. However, there may be exceptions at times on reasonable grounds.

What communications we avoid: It’s not a personal chat room! We discourage members from using ‘good morning’, ‘good afternoon’ or ‘good night’ messages or wishes on festivals. New members are welcomed by admins on behalf of the entire group.

Fair Use Policies

Personal data: Since we are looking up to be the best possible literature group available on WhatsApp, we as members of a responsible group also have to ensure that the fellow members associated with the group should feel comfortable with treatment to their personal data. Therefore, we are very strict about unfair use of a member’s profile image or mobile number. We expect that the members who join us will take care of this.

Privacy: We respect the privacy of our members. Those who are in the group must not indulge in personal chat with a member if he or she does not provide their consent for the same in the group or in person. Chats beyond 8:00 in the evening and before 8:00 in the morning are discouraged. Any member can reach us immediately if there is such a case. We will expunge the membership of any member who is found guilty of doing this.

Quick Dos and Don’ts

You can:

Raise a question, answer questions, discuss and debate on points related to books.

You cannot:

Misbehave, post images, post WhatsApp spins, post forwards, post web links, post group invites, and post promotional stuff.

Come Join the Visionaries Pool!

So, are you ready to join the group? Send us your name, location, DOB, E-Mail id on our official WhatsApp number: +91 9971796892. Do remember to mention that you have read and agreed to the terms. See you in the group!

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